Staff Directory

Our staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-432-8470.

Administrator Title Phone Extension
Dave Chambers Principal  
Andrea Sullivan Vice-Principal  
Max Travis Vice-Principal  
Name Title Phone Extension
Kelly Stephen Chaplain 54021
Administrative Assistant Title Phone Extension
Gina Costa Secondary School Senior Administrative & Financial Assistant 54000

Louise Knight

Secondary School Administrative Assistant, Attendance 54005
Support Staff Title Phone Extension
M. Whyte CYC  22118
T. Muschett Social Worker  22194
Guidance / Co-Op Title Phone Extension
I. MacAdam Curriculum Chair 54008
T. Ashton Co-Op 54009
M. Ilasz Guidance Counsellor 54014
R. Daminato OYAP 54013
Sarah Bishop Secondary School Administrative Assistant, Guidance 54007
Custodian Title Phone Extension

F. Luckasavitch

Chief 54022

R. Knapton

Custodian 42152
D. Pare Evening Lead 41226
L. MacDonald Custodian 41214
B. Henderson Custodian 41973
Educational Assistant Title Phone Extension
S. Adey Educational Assistant 41222
L. Allan Educational Assistant 40198
T. Cole Educational Assistant 42162
S. Gilliland Educational Assistant  41245
 J. Gooding Educational Assistant  41239
 R. Hasmani Educational Assistant  41941
J. Laundry Educational Assistant 41988
K. Lefever Educational Assistant 40557
M. Meraw Educational Assistant 42377
 S. Riordan Educational Assistant 40514
R. Riviera-Lopez Educational Assistant 40396
H. Seabright Educational Assistant 41944
H. Simpson Educational Assistant 41251
N. Sloper Educational Assistant 40062
S. Winter Educational Assistant 41234
  Educational Assistant  
Lunch Supervisor Title Phone Extension
M. Hayes Lunch Supervisor  
M. Riddell Lunch Supervisor  
Cafeteria Title Phone Extension
S. MacDonald Cafeteria  
D. Kilpatrick Cafeteria  
Teacher Department/Subject Phone Extension
A. Bell Student Success and Science 41216
D. Bruno Grade 8 40609
D. Cardinal Religion 41228
C. Chaloux Visual Art - CC 41229
K. Collins ESL and Law and Geography - CC 41231
K. Couch Grade 7 41253
J. Crosbie Physical Education 54017
R. Daminato Construction 40034
T. Hansen-Ashton Science - Co-Op 54009
A. Isnor Credit Recovery and ESL 54028
S. Linnell Grade 8 40612
C. Masterson Science - CC 41254
A. McNeil English and Sociology 41221
S. McKenna English 40420
D. Michaud Math 41225
S. Mielke Math and Leadership 41255
B. Oldman Grade 7 40197
J. Osier History and English 41230
A. Poczekaj Program Support - CC 54020
L. Politano Physical Education - CC and E-Learning 54016
L. Power English - CC 41256
M. Rudkins Librarian 54015
L. Thompson Communication Tech, Foods and Yearbook &
Photography Dual Credit



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