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The Pereyma Press is a student run newspaper/website that will run stories about our community written by Pereyma students. We started as an edsby group but with some work have developed a section of the MJP website as the Pereyma Press main site. We hope to produce content that will give you a small piece of what is happening in our community. Thanks for reading.

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Mental Health in Today's Climate and Society

Feb. 7, 2021   By: Paige Ker

Today mental illnesses are quite common. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) every 1 in 5 people living in Canada experience a personal mental health problem or illness. When having to live with a disorder many can experience anxiety, extreme mood changes, social withdrawal, changes in sleep, and/or eating patterns. As well, feeling worry and paranoia. Some may feel all, these and some may only feel a few. By having these feelings, it can be hard to live a typical life.

Adjusting to Life During COVID-19: Virtual Schooling 

December 22, 2020   By: Cheryl Bennett

2020 was a difficult year for everybody, the year came with many new challenges, especially related to learning. Due to the COVID lock downs, we were switched to full online school at the beginning of 2020. There are many struggles that come with virtual school but for everybody's safety we needed to learn to adapt to the learning style.

Student Leadership Council Plans to Continue Christmas Traditions Despite Pandemic

Dec 10, 2020   By: Faith Farayibi

Members of the student leadership council along with teacher coordinators plan to make it a memorable Christmas at Pereyma despite the coronavirus which is stopping people from gathering in large groups. At Pereyma, it has been a yearly tradition that the week before Christmas break, to have events and activities that share the joy of the season such as the talent show, and Christmas cheer week.

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