Leadership Class

Our Leadership Class is a unique and valuable tradition at Monsignor John Pereyma Catholic School that was established by Dianne Deveau, a former staff member nearly 20 years ago. We believe that leadership is about service and had students live up to this belief through actions. Since its inception the role of the class has been to develop students' skills in leadership, teamwork, and organization while planning and executing charity, fundraising, and school events. 

Role models 

Our leadership students serve as role models for the other students in our school community. They are approachable and ready to provide student ideas and feedback with the rest of the class in order to shape future events. In this way Pereyma Leadership takes on the roles of a traditional student council because they serve as a student voice.  Our leaders are highly visible as they have a different colour uniform shirt and sweater which they wear for the first two weeks of school and at special events. 

Junior and senior leaders 

Within the leadership class, we have senior and junior leaders. The junior leaders are Grade 11 and/or 12 students who are taking "Leadership part 1" (officially GPP3O1), while the Senior leaders are Grade 12 students who have completed Leadership part 1 and now taking the "second leadership course" (IDC4O1). The seniors' role is to use effective teaching and learning strategies to support their "junior leader team" organize and run school events. 



Leadership events

Some of the events our leadership students oversee include: 

  • Grade 9 Welcome BBQ;
  • Grade 9 Mixer Day at Cedar Park;
  • School Dance in September;
  • Schoolwide Pumpkin Carving Contest;
  • Haunted House;
  • Santa Claus Pictures;
  • Door Decorating Contest;
  • Talent Show;
  • Semi-formal Dance;
  • Easter Egg Hunt;
  • Spirit Week;
  • Welcome visitors to our school;
  • Read morning announcements;
  • Assisting with school Masses;
  • Safe Schools Week; and
  • Graduation.

Planned initiatives for our future leaders include working more closely and mentoring our Grades 7 and 8 "ambassadors" as well as electing homeroom representatives who could work on school event committees spearheaded our leadership students.