Physical Education and Health

This course emphasizes regular participation in a variety of enjoyable physical activities that promote lifelong healthy active living.  Students will learn movement skills and principles, ways to improve personal fitness and physical competence, safety and injury prevention. 

The study of health and physical education helps students to live active and healthy lifestyles. They are challenged to be creative thinkers and discerning believers who can apply their skills and knowledge to the world around them. They can then make appropriate decisions in the light of Gospel values and Church teachings. Through a variety of physical and health activities, predominately in daily participation, students learn to be collaborative contributors, respecting the rights, responsibilities and contributions of others. Students are exposed to career opportunities where they think critically about the meaning and purpose of work, dignity, and fulfillment, and contribute to the common good. Overall, through this course, students become aware of the spiritual and physical dimension of the world and of their roles as stewards of God's creation.

Our teams

Our extra-curricular sports teams include:

  • Cross country;
  • Basketball (girls/ boys,  jr/sr);
  • Badminton (girls/boys, jr/sr);
  • Hockey (boys/girls);
  • Volleyball (girls/boys,  jr/sr);
  • Co - ed volleyball (jr/sr);
  • LAX (boys/girls);
  • Soccer (girls/boys);
  • Tennis
  • Track (co-ed ); and
  • Curling
  • Ultimate Frisbee